Iphone Antivirus

Although it is technically possible that the iPhone (both iPod touch and iPad, since they all work under the same operating system) might be infected with viruses, the likelihood of this is very small. Only a few viruses were developed for the iPhone, and many of them were made by security experts for research goals … Continue reading Iphone Antivirus

Avast CPU Usage

Avast Anti-Virus is mostly compatible with almost all the modern operating system platform such as Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10. It also comes for Mac OS and Android devices. – this information from Avast Pro Antivirus review. It has been awarded for being one of the best antiviruses and the different organization has rated … Continue reading Avast CPU Usage

NTC hosting review

There are plenty of web hosting company available out there. Some comes with single hosting, semi-share and some comes with shared hosting service. All these hosting company usage different technology, operating system and storage capacity to host the customer websites. NTC Hosting is a UK based web hosting company owned by LiquidNet Ltd. It is … Continue reading NTC hosting review

Avg vs Avast

AVG and Avast both are the anti-malware software. You can have a free version of Avast and AVG 2019 antiviruses on their official website. Both give you basic protection from spyware or malware. It can be used as second layer protection too. Both of the antivirus identify the malware or spyware which is harmful to … Continue reading Avg vs Avast