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The Best Dog Kennels 2019

Choosing the best kennel for a pet, you should understand what parameters it should correspond to. The materials from which the cab is made have various properties that must be considered when choosing. In this case, the price does not always play a significant role.

The most optimal two-door dog kennel PetMate

Judging by the feedback from real users, the two-door cab from the PetMate company perfectly combines such properties as low price and unique ease of transportation. Besides, it is worth noting that the material from which the cab is made is very durable. The use of steel and plastic helps provide a rigid frame and adequate ventilation for your pet.

Such a kennel is an excellent option for transporting your dog and meets all the necessary parameters for transporting a dog on an airplane.

Best Outdoor Dog Kennel 2019

If you often travel, you have to be sure that the cab for your pet is appropriately executed. That means that it should not be:

  • Safe
  • Easy to use
  • Possess maximum comfort for the animal

This option is also approved by the international air transport association and can be used to transport a dog by plane. The cab is also equipped with a special water bowl and four corresponding “live animal” stickers (which are required by most airlines).

The creators of the kennel took care in advance that its transportation did not cause difficulties for the owners of the pet. For this reason the design is provided with special removable wheels that help transfer the cab from your house to the airport.

The model of this kennel is available in various sizes according on the breed of your pet. Thus, if one has a tiny dog, then it’s better to choose the no-wheel option. However, when it comes to large breeds, then you have to choose the best size. The material of cab is composed of special durable plastic and contains the necessary metal parts.

Best Pop-Open: PetsFit Portable Pop-Open Kennel

If you are going to choose the most portable kennel that will not be heavy and at the same time cosy for your pet, we offer you pay attention to the model, which is produced by PetsFit. The creators of the cab made sure that the animal had three access options, special mesh windows for appropriate ventilation, as well as a small rug to make the animal feel comfortable.

Best Budget: PetMate Sky Kennel

The material for this cab is heavy-duty plastic. Entrance doors made of durable steel wire provide excellent visibility and ventilation for your pet. For you to move your dog to the kennel as quickly as possible, the developers created two doors at the top and front of the kennel at once.

Best Soft: Arf Pets Soft Kennel

This option is excellent for use both indoors and outdoors. The cab made of special fabric materials is outstanding for transportation as it has a very lightweight. This option is available in various sizes and depends on the breed of dog. Because the cab is made of special fabric material, it is quite easy to wash and store in the house.


When choosing a kennel for your dog, be sure to pay attention to such parameters as the material from which the device is made and also for which breed of dog the construction is best suited.