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Secure Yourself Online: Best Internet Security Software

Nowadays users can easily download and install free antivirus software. Many companies offer free trial versions as well as stand-alone free editions. The competition, however, is so big that it might be overwhelming and hard to pick the best solution. If you are looking for the best Internet security software, you need to pay attention to some factors. Let’s discuss the main ones as well as some suitable choices.

The most important things one should account for

Firstly, a user should remember that free antivirus is always a limited one. In case you need a huge selection of extra features and tools like a VPN, you’ll have to upgrade to a premium version. So, look through the list of offered features and decide which are the most important for you. Some developers are generous enough to offer a safe browser. Other offer free optimization tools. There are even cases when a user can get parental control features free of charge.

Secondly, it’s better to look through the results from the independent testing labs. They send different kinds of attacks and viruses to test the software’s engines. The scores are objective and define how reliable the antivirus will be. You may visit the official website of AV-Test, AV-Comparatives, SE Labs to get the latest data.

Thirdly, before installing any free version, it’s better to learn all the details. For instance, if there is a time limit and what happens after it. It’s also important to know how much space the software needs, how much it impacts the performance, the extra features it brings (if any), etc.

To get the best possible experience one should make sure the software is compatible with the device. Check out the minimum requirements and read real users’ reviews to find out if there are any performance issues.

Choosing the best Internet security software, one should also evaluate the interface. It has to be user-friendly and simple enough. Tastes differ, so take a look and compare to your preferences. For example, many users prefer color-corrected design. It implies that the main antivirus window is green unless some actions need to be taken. In this case, the color will change to yellow or red and prompt when a user should do, e.g. update the software, choose what to do with an infected file, etc.

The best solutions on the market

  1. In case you need a free antivirus with plenty of extras, you should check out Avast. The antivirus offers not only core protection but also a free password manager, a safe browser, and other features. It’s one of the most popular solutions used by millions of people worldwide. The developer also offers plenty of related software that works perfectly together completing one another.
  2. Kaspersky Free is the best choice for those who want simplicity. It doesn’t have any extra features but secures complete protection. The antivirus engines spot and block every virus including zero-day threats. What’s more, a user may install a password manager for free as a separate program.
  3. Another widespread choice is Bitdefender. It works on the most popular operating systems and brings great services to users for 30 days. It doesn’t offer many extra tools but its engines are considered to be the best on the market.


Many great choices can help you secure yourself online. It’s hard to say which antivirus has the best free edition since each option is different and suits different users. Use the criteria above to help you decide which antivirus is the most reliable and suitable for your device. Remember to check all the details before the installation.