VDR providers announce new capabilities in file format and scan feature capabilities

Virtual Data Rooms are a handy tool to streamline and simplify file sharing and transactions. The VDR market is constantly evolving, and the approach of VDR developers to their work is changing to meet today’s needs. They are trying to improve their old features and develop new ones to meet absolutely all customer needs. In this article, we will consider what features a modern VDR should have and what new features developers can give us. 

Overview of the main features which should be present in a modern VDR 

Any self-respecting virtual data room developer should include the following security features in their product’s feature list: 

  • Dynamic watermarks – The name of the person who uploaded the document, as well as the date it was uploaded, is automatically marked on the document. This is an extra security measure that helps prevent data leaks
  • Self-destructing document – the administrator can set time limits for access to the document and no one else will have access to it
  • Modern encryption methods -256-bit encryption is the best encryption method today. It encrypts documents during transmission and storage and makes data useless for unauthorized users
  • Document Access Restriction – This feature helps you control access to your documents yourself. You can prohibit printing, copying, editing, and forwarding of the document, thus setting different levels of document security
  • Data backup – a great backup plan, with which you can restore all your data in case of damage and continue your activities without a hitch
  • Multi-step verification – if a user logs in from a new unknown device, VDR performs a multi-step verification to know for sure that the account has not been compromised
  • Two Factor Authentication – secures your password and helps prevent unauthorized access by sending you an additional one-time code to your phone number 

VDR’s advanced user management features 

In addition to providing security, vdr providers also need to make sure that their product benefits other aspects of the business, such as user or document management: 

  • Limited view – only the people you have chosen can view the document and no one else
  • Group permissions – the administrator has the right to control different levels of permissions, including the permissions of a whole group of users
  • Corporate website – customizable branding allows your company to design a VDR to match your company logo
  • Mass Downloads – makes it easy to organize your documents and save time downloading large amounts of data, making it easy to import and export them
  • Advanced text search – with it you can find the file you need in a few seconds by entering a few keywords in the search bar
  • Microsoft Office integration – get you working in Microsoft Office from anywhere in the VDR space
  • Q&A section – provides a secure space where users can discuss important issues 

New features in virtual data rooms 

So, above we have described the features which need to have a quality modern VDR, but some providers start to introduce new features which are not widely used:

  • Task management system – designate tasks to employees in the VDR, so that your team members can be properly organized
  • Smart Search – now you can search through several documents, but you can also see a small segment of the document before you open it
  • Thumbnail images in document overview – you can also view document images before you open any document
  • New file format possibilities – some of them support almost all file formats and you can easily upload them without any formatting, others offer automatic formatting in PDF format
  • Integration with slack – a feature that brings the team together and makes it more organized