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Best Free VPN Trials

When you try something before you buy it is always the smart thing which you can do, and with the VPNs, it is definitely not different. The test account becomes the right way of finding out if the service of the VPN is something to you, and assists you discover if VPN provider you normally had in mind can meet your expectations. Many VPN services provide you with the free VPN trial accounts which allows you to test their service for a given period of time. Here is the best free VPN trials.

Surfshark VPN

Surfshark normally offers the 7-day free trial to iOS and Android devices. When there is no traditional free trial in other platforms, Surfshark encourages the users to use it for a 30-day money-back guarantee in risk-free service. Surfshark is earning the reputation like the reliable VPN with strong security features. Also, it can also bypass the geoblocks to streaming the content and achieves the fast connection speeds to over 800 servers all over the world. It is also compatible with major operating systems and devices.


With this free VPN trial, it offers the 24-hour free trial together with the 45-day money-back generous guarantee. You do not have to offer any information on your credit card to enjoy every CyberGhost’s premium features for it is free to about 3,700 and above servers. It supports upto seven simultaneous devices which are highly recommended by the users because of its reliability, value, and speed. The service offered is well-matched with main devices and operating systems, and it also offers the dedicated profiles for torrenting and streaming.


The SaferVPN offers the 24-hour free trial which is for the 30-day money-back guarantee. Even though their trial is actually shorter than the others, you do not need to offer any information on your credit card. Users are regularly impressed with reliable connection speed of SaferVPN and ability which bypass the geoblocks and other streaming sites. In enjoying other features, this free trial offers you an access to every SaferVPN which is above 700 servers with the unlimited bandwidth.


This type of free VPN trial offer the 3-day free trial together with 10-day money-back guarantee with no payment information needed. The free trial involves many features which users love concerning this service, including reliable connection speeds, unlimited bandwidth, and secure encryption. With this free trial, you will only be connected to one device but with Trust.Zone trial, the subscription can supports up to three simultaneous connections. Even though will get unlimited bandwidth, the maximum data transfer using this trial is 1GB. You can even access some servers.


The ExpressVPN does not offer the standard free trial. As an alternative, it offers the 30-day money-back guarantee with a one-month-long free trial. Essentially, this means you will test the full service without having any restrictions and also it is totally risk-free. When you are 100 percent pleased with the service, this free trial will continue giving you the full refund without any question being asked. The ExpressVPN is well-known because it can bypasses geoblocks, because of its consistent speed tests and the outstanding security features, making it be perfect for HD and torrenting streaming.