Avast CPU usage

Avast Anti-Virus is mostly compatible with almost all the modern operating system platform such as Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10. It also comes for Mac OS and Android devices. – this information from Avast Pro Antivirus review. It has been awarded for being one of the best antiviruses and the different organization has rated this anti-virus excellent after several laboratory tests. This antivirus has come with various extra features on security with additional customization ability which keeps your computer both safe and secure.

All the antivirus normally does the real-time operation as per giving you the best protection from the malware and viruses.  It does background scanning, virus removal operation, and computer clean up things every time you open your computer. When you install Avast for the first time, it comes with almost all the component you need to protect your computer.

This cause consuming half of your CUP usage and sometimes run your computer slow. Avast users reportedly complain that using Avast causes high CPU usage. But it’s not the main reason. Avast tries you give your computer full protection which installs the additional component you might not need. It has some other reasons why Avast CPU usage isn?t normal, such as,

  1. Improper installation into your operating system.
  2. Undefine Malware or virus attack.
  3. Sudden shut down to the computer or improper shutdown.
  4. Or, removal of some system file or registry entry.

Fixing High CUP Usage by Avast,

Here we have given some common solution for fixing the Avast high CPU usage. Which includes, registry hacks, adjusting windows settings, and disabling some startup application.

Registry Hack Solution;

Follow these steps to hack the registry.

  • First, Hit Win key + R on your keyboard.
  • Type ‘ Regedit’ and hit Enter.
  • Then Go to the path,
  • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Memory Management?
  • Find ?ClearPageFileAtShutDown? change its value to 1.
  • Now Restart Your PC and Wait.

Adjust Windows 10 for best performance:

If you are using windows 10, you can adjust its performances by following these steps.

  • Select and then Right click on ‘My Computer’
  • After that Select ‘Properties’ > ‘Advanced System Settings’
  • Now Go to ‘System Properties’
  • Then Select ‘Settings’
  • Here Choose ‘Adjust for best performance’ and click ‘Apply’ > ‘OK’
  • Now Restart PC and wait.

Disable startup programs:

You can disable some startup programs to minimize the CPU usage, Follow these steps.

  • Hit Win + R key on your keyboard.
  • Now Type ‘dfrgui’ and press Enter
  • A new window will appear. Now click on hard drives you want to defragment (Prefer hard drive in which Windows is installed)
  • Then, Click ‘Optimize’  to complete the defragment process.
  • Now Restart your PC.

The above process will help you to minimize your CPU usage by Avast and Also increase your CPU performances. You can disable some features on your Avast Antivirus to minimize the CPU usage too.

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