How to hold meetings and share files in board meeting software?

The need for distance working encourages the search for new tools and services. One of such tools is board meeting software. This article will consider the boardroom functionality.

How to organize a remote conference between offices?

From time to time, many companies need to negotiate with their affiliates or business partners. Physically assemble teams elsewhere in the country, and sometimes the world is quite expensive and often not possible. It becomes obvious that you can organize an online conference using software and hardware. Video conferencing systems have been used for this purpose for many years.

Leaders in the video conferencing industry such as Cisco, Polycom, LifeSize are doing their best to give online conferencing maximum presence, convenience, and ease of communication, allowing you to combine several remote offices into a conference. However, such systems are quite expensive and require special knowledge to install and configure.

How to organize a boardroom?

When you are planning a board, you certainly want to be sure that it will be successful. Here are four things you need to do to make your board experience exactly like this:

  • Focus on your audience. First of all, make sure you understand who you are talking to in the webinar. Find out what they already know, what they need to know, and offer it to them in order to engage the audience.
  • Provide first-class content. Make sure your webinar offers up-to-date information that is useful and relevant to your audience. Do the necessary research to provide data that can actually be used.
  • Plan and practice. If your webinar will take place in real-time, plan its schedule if you know that the majority of the expected audience will be available. Once you’ve set the time and created the content, make sure you follow it in practice.
  • Promotion. Now that you have a planned webinar, you need to “spin” it. Send out invitations to register via email, social networks, and other channels. It is also useful to send reminders sometime before the webinar to those who have registered.

Zoom – a perfect solution for business workflow

The Zoom system allows video conferencing and boards. With free registration, everyone has the opportunity to have a continuous meeting with up to 100 participants. The advantages of Zoom include easy integration with many modern technologies used in distance learning, including the Moodle platform, as well as Outlook and Chrome. Other advantages are:

  • the ability to create events from Google and Outlook calendars using free plugins. Zoom is easily integrated into various scheduling systems, making it easier for users to coordinate meeting times with each other;
  • video and audio quality: video broadcast with a resolution of 720p;
  • screen demonstration: any participant can share a broadcast of their screen;
  • the administrator (leader) has the opportunity to select several participants for simultaneous display of screens;
  • available for commenting;
  • recording: after the meeting video is available in MP4 format, audio in M4A format, text messages (chat) are also saved. You can save the recordings to your computer;
  • mobile devices: the ability to plan and start events, provide access to the event, as well as broadcast the desktop on mobile devices.

The service allows not only to listen but also to participate in online meetings. During the conference, the administrator can appoint a co-organizer who will have the same opportunities as the host of the meeting – turn on and off the microphone in individual participants, share a screen broadcast. In addition, Zoom offers a stable connection, no high requirements for PC RAM and the Internet.